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Carly Shay

Carly Shay

Carly sería una adolescente corriente si no fuera porque ¡produce y protagoniza su propio show online! Vive en el apartamento de su hermano mayor, Spencer, de 26 años. Ni ella ni sus amigos, Sam y Freddie, pensaron nunca en convertirse en grandes estrellas de la red pero lo cierto es que su programa se ha convertido en un exitazo. Carly es siempre la más sensata del grupo cuando surge algún problema con sus compañeros ¡están muy unidos!


Carly Shay led a pretty normal life in Seattle... until she and her friends started their own web show. When "iCarly" becomes an instant hit, Carly and her pals have to balance their newfound success with the problems of everyday life, like fitting in in highschool, dealing with crushes and deciding which flavor to get at the Groovy Smoothie.

With her parents overseas, Carly relies on the help of her best friend/co-star, Sam Puckett, her longtime pal/technical producer, Freddie Benson, and her eccentric older brother/guardian, Spencer, to keep it all together. Sam and Freddie's constant bickering and Spencer's odd habits make for a lot of good material... but is it enough to fill a new show every week?
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